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Thank You for taking the time to visit. We, at the PCC are dedicated to the Purebred Pug. It is our goal to promote the breeding of Healthy, Well Socialized, Conformationally Correct Pugs. Member pugsBreeders are bound by a Code Of Ethics second to none on the world stage. You are encouraged to browse through the site and take in the many pages of information from the History of the Pug to the many challenges facing the modern day Pug. Whether you are a Pug Breeder, Pug Exhibitor, Pug Owner or Pug Lover, I am sure you will find many things of interest on the site. Membership offers many perks and 24/7 access to the wealth of knowledge from some of the finest and most experienced Pug Breeders in the world through our online Forum. Our Rescue Program is one of the most respected National Breed Club Rescues in the country. Also, enjoy our by-monthly newsletter, packed with health articles, show results, and humour.

Joanne Fernall, President Pug Club Of Canada

Executive Officers

President - Joanne Fernall - Email

Vice- President -Jenny Duffy -Email

Administrative Secretary-Tom Young-Email

Treasurer -Jill Bellisomo - Email

Membership Secretary - Stacey Smith - Email

Regional Directors

Canada West - Joyce Allen - Email

Canada Mid-West - Lori Prostebby - Email

Canada Central - Mark Allan - Email

Canada East -Sandra Nason Sewell - Email

Rescue Manager

Jenny Duffy - Email

Publicity, Program & Educational Chairperson

Jenny Duffy - Email

Breed Standard Chairperson

Tom Young - Email